Yordan Radichkov High School of Foreign Languages, Vidin

The Yordan Radichkov High School of Foreign Languages ​​is a successor to the Lilyana Dimitrova English Language High School, opened in 1970. In 2004, the High School accepted as its patron Jordan Radichkov - writer, playwright, erudite artist, builder of modern Bulgaria. 45 years Foreign Language Teaching High School gives excellent preparation in all general subjects to achieve a high level of proficiency in two foreign languages ​​and successfully pass exams for internationally recognized language certificates, for the excellent results from Matura (exit exams) and competitive exams in prestigious Bulgarian and foreign Universities, for optimum worldwide implementation. To build a good model in education and culture, the school partnered with the British Council, the French Cultural Institute, the Goethe Institute, the Association of Cambridge Schools in Bulgaria and the National Network of European Clubs in Bulgaria for 45 years. The school works on many European and national projects, maintains several clubs, including a Journalism Club, a Theater Club, and a Euroclub, participates in international events, and high school graduates win numerous awards from competitions and various appearances.


Address: 28 P.R. Slaveikov Str., Vidin
Tel: +359 94 600442
Е-mail: elms_vidin@abv.bg 
Web: www.radichkovls-vidin.org


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