Language School „Dr. Petar Beron“, Kuystendil

The school was established in 1989 and the adoption of another, higher official status - of the Language High School - in 1992. The founder and first director of the new school are Mrs. Nevena Dvoychka. In time, there were other leaders, like everyone else contributed to its development. The high school maintains constant and successful contacts with European and American cultural and educational institutions and organizations. Dozens of them are Peace Corps volunteers as well as organizations such as the Academic Exchange Service of Germany, teachers for Central and Eastern Europe, Deutsche Welle, the German Embassy, ​​the French Cultural Institute, Euroloisir, and others. Above all, LS is a dynamic, changing system that is constantly looking for ways of positive reorganization based on established traditions and good new practices. The efforts of the teaching staff and management are aimed at achieving European standards for raising the level of improvement of school competences. The Teachers College is fully engaged in preparing the students for their future realization. Four languages ​​are taught at the Language School - English, German, Spanish and French. It is taught according to the modern methodology and uses modern textbooks and teaching aids acquired thanks to the resultant cooperation with foreign language centers and publishers. Mastering the first and second foreign languages ​​is a great chance for school graduates as they can continue their education at European and American universities. Subsequently, they could work in the respective countries as well as in our country - in European companies and Bulgarian companies with international contacts. The Language High School houses the only foreign language library in Kyustendil, whose stock is constantly growing. The high school has two computer rooms with unlimited internet access and the assistance of a qualified teacher. This increases the chances of students to expand their contacts abroad. In general, partnerships with schools from other countries are already a tradition, as well as working on specific joint projects in the field of cross-border cooperation.


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