Profiled High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences „Academician Prof. Assen Zlatarov“, Botevgrad

Botevgrad High School is a school with a long history and traditions, which is among the most elite in the municipality. She has given not only the city but the country, too many remarkable personalities - doctors, teachers, politicians, specialists in various fields of science and culture, public figures, etc. The high school provides a stable basic education that guarantees the successful development of young people continuing their education in higher education. The beginning of the high school education in Botevgrad dates back to September 1912, when the first high school classes were opened at the High School.

• A month later, the headmaster of Stamen Panchev went to the front. His successor, Peter Ilchev, with the help of the then-mayor Todor Lalovski, made a lot of effort in the war years not to interrupt the formation of high school classes.

• The official opening and separation of the high school from the low-secondary school took place on December 1, 1918 - Stamen Panchev's birthday.

• In 1921 after the lower three-year course of study in the high school, an upper one, two years, is opened for the preparation of primary teachers. The first graduation ended in 1926.

• In 1947 Outside the city, in its western part, a two-story building was built with 12 classrooms, a principal's room, a doctor's room and three rooms for other needs.

• Initially, the building accommodates IV and V high school classes, and since 1951 and the rest.

• At the beginning of 1950/1951, the high school was named after the great Bulgarian scientist and friend of Botevgrad - Academician Prof. Assen Zlatarov.

• In the academic year 1970/1971, the first math class has been started.

• From the school year 1986/1987 the high school became a natural sciences and mathematics one with two profiles: math and biology.

• The first specialized language classes are French.

• Since the academic year 1990/1991, intensive English and German language classes with preparatory classes have been opened.

• The admission of students is through competitive exams in mathematics, biology, and geography.

• Since the 1998-1999 school year, a foreign language class has been opened. Admission to the school is through competitive exams in Bulgarian language and mathematics.

• In the school year 2004-2005, the first mathematical class from the 5th grade was opened with an intensive study of English.

The high school works on European and cross-border projects. It has experience in implementing Erasmus + projects.


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