The Profiled High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics “St. Clement Ohridski”, Montana

Based on a study of archival documents, it was proved beyond doubt that the beginning of the existence of the Ferdinand Incomplete High School was laid in 1915 by a law of the king and the Minister of Education No. 2545 / 04.03.1916. More than 260 teachers of 95 years with spirit and heart have worked and are still working for the success of more than 28000 high school students who have studied under the roof of the first High School in Montana, which now is Profiled High School of natural Sciences and Mathematics. The graduated students work at major research institutes in Lausanne, Munich, Magdeburg, Houston, Berlin and Silicon Valley in the fields of physics, medicine, biology, and informatics. The school is also proud of the first gold medal for Bulgaria at the Alexander Kolarski International Olympiad in Information Technology. This is a pulsating live baton of generations, and each has been contributing to the history of the city and the school. The training in foreign languages ​​(English and German) is carried out by highly qualified specialists with modern training systems. English is studied intensively and widely in the fifth grade because of the specifics of the school. Informatics and information technology training requires an excellent command of English, as not only software products are English-language, but good literature is also available in that language. German is studied as the second western language in the ninth grade.


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