Agricultural school “Rados Jovanovic Selja” Prokuplje

The agricultural school “Rados Jovanovic Selja” started operating in 1928 in Prokuplje, but under the name “Special agricultural school”, in which education lasted for two years. After World War II, it became a four-year school.
The main activity of the school is secondary vocational education in the field of agriculture, food production and processing. Except for the baker's department, which is three years long, all other departments are four years.
The agricultural school in Prokuplje has a multimedia classroom, a library of about 6,000 titles, chemistry cabinets. The students have all the conditions to perform quality practical teaching. The school has a machinery park, a workshop, a poultry farm, an incubator station, tractors and other machinery and equipment necessary for practical training.
Address: Vuka Karadžića 1, Prokuplje
Tel: +381 27/331-213

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