Site of national importance in the Municipality of Botevgrad

Monument-ossuary of Botev's rebels already with the status of a site of historical and artistic value of national importance By decision of the Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage and by order of April 13, 2020 of the Ministry of Culture, the Ossuary of the Botev Chetniks in the village of Skravena was granted the status of a site of historical and artistic value with category "National Significance". An ossuary monument is described in the register of intangible cultural heritage sites in Bulgaria. This was officially announced at the traditional celebration of Botev's Day in the village of Skravena. The monument ossuary of Botev's rebels is a memorial ossuary in the village of Skravena, Botevgrad municipality, which stores the skulls of 10 Botev's rebels from the group of Georgi Apostolov, who died during the defeat of the detachment in Rashov dol near Ritlite, on June 2, 1876. the next day, the entire population of Skravena was taken to see the procession of the bashibozuka, carrying the heads of the rebels nailed to stakes. The village chiefs Georgi Stamenov and Petko Studenkovski managed to buy the heads and the same evening the women from the village washed them, wrapped them in linen and buried them in the churchyard. On June 3, 1930, at the suggestion of the priest Georgi Popdimitrov, the remains were removed and displayed in a special window in the church. The ossuary monument was unveiled on May 18, 1982 at a ceremony to transfer the skulls of the ten Botev Chetniks preserved from the local population from the church "St. silversmiths Kozma and Damyan ”. Botev's pilgrimages in Skravena are held annually on June 2 and include: historical readings, art programs, exhibitions, competitions, a memorial service, a procession with a wreath of glory and a fireworks display. The ossuary is on the list of the Hundred National Tourist Sites with № 8. Every year students from PPMG "Acad. Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov" participate in the solemn celebrations in front of the ossuary and with respect and great love bow their heads before the feat of Hristo Botev and his associates. We are proud of the work of our fellow citizens, who have preserved the historical memory of the feat and self-sacrifice of Botev's detachment!

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