Bela palanka - Let us ban student parliaments

The network project "Let us ban student parliaments" is ongoing in Bela Palanka.

Awareness of the student parliament of our pupils and professors and especially of the local community is very scarce. The overriding goal is to raise the awareness of our students, teachers and the local community about what parliament does for the pupils and the school itself. Not only the school but also various other activities to help the local community and people. These activities improve the lives of pupils at school, their awareness of self-organization and participation in society as active citizens.

The activities we have planned have already been agreed with our Bulgarian partners. It is essential to examine, interview what and how much pupils and professors know about parliament activities.

There will also be activities on social networks that promote the Parliament and its activities. Activities on Parliament's openness to other organizations. Posters and the openness of some session of parliament to all those who are interested.

Attached is the report of the first online survey.

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