,,Damned yard" in the time of Corona

Ivo Andrić - Serbian Nobel Prize winner. A lot is known about him. But the parliament of the Agricultural School "Radoš Jovanović Selja" will not tell you about it ... At least not for now ... Now we present to you the thoughts of one of our members about the concept of Andrić's work "The Damned Yard" and the times we are facing.

Finally, you have a link to the dramatization of this work with perhaps the most magnificent cast, including Zoran Radmilović.

Reading “The Damned Yard” by our Nobel Prize winner, Ivo Andrić, made me think that it is not just a prison, but that there are such yards all around us. It is our life, our reality, this is our present. My room is a big dark abyss that surrounds me and makes me a prisoner. A small piece of sky and a cheerful play of clouds across it. It's a picture I see while opening my tired eyes. You don't have to be a criminal to become a resident of the Damned Yard. It's all around us. We keep hearing about the pandemic. We don't go to school and our freedom of movement is restricted. Isn't that a Damned Yard? This knowledge further intensifies my anxiety. I feel powerless. I would run away from everything. How can I escape from myself and my thoughts? My mind as well is the Damned Yard, and my soul is a prisoner. We are enslaved by our successes and habits. A labyrinth from which I cannot get out. Every question has a thousand answers, each of them asks another thousand questions. Physical and social distance has separated us from each other, while connecting us with the foundation of the most precious, the family. I try to think positively. I suppress the weakness I feel deep inside and I try to be strong. I am slowly tearing down the walls of the courtyard of my life, rejecting the thought that the whole world is in fear of the terrible virus of COVID 19. A person can be free only if he sees positive and beautiful things around him that feed his soul. Step by step, he builds a stronger self on the ruins of his own life. To find a star that will lead us into the future, into freedom. The walls of the damned yard will remain behind us as a warning that we must not be weak, irresponsible and that we must bravely move on.

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