"My new rhythm. Recommendations for adapting to new circumstances "- PMPG Montana

Everyone goes through different stages in their lives and encounters difficulties along the way. But even when everything that happens to us seems like a big mess, we should never give up and give up our dreams and desires. After all, (almost) everything in life is a matter of perspective. And if you try to be optimistic and positive about everything the world has to offer, you will find that the dark clouds you have seen before will surely seem less gray and monotonous.

Debate "Should the SP function in a state of emergency?" - FLHS, Vidin

The Student Parliament of Yordan Radichkov High School - Vidin held a debate on "Should the Student Parliament function in an emergency situation?"

The proponents argued that the Student Parliament was obliged to continue its work in the event of an emergency. The deniers argued that in a state of emergency there is not resonable for the Student Parliament to operate and it should stop functioning.

Life during a pandemic

The Student Council of PPMG Acad. Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov - Botevgrad held a discussion on "What does life teach us during quarantine"? This situation is a paradise for people with rich imagination, naive thinking and conspiratorial suspicions. It is beneficial for everyone to see what they believe in and to propagate it to others. Few people have the time and desire to verify sources and verify the truth of specific statements.

Home isolation

The characteristics and recommendations for home isolation have been prepared for you by the members of the pupils’ parliament of the Technical School from Knjaževac. The change is great, but it also provides a lot of opportunities. Improving computer work, learning some other things that we will need in life, a different use of free time and new experiences in online communication.


The new conditions and way of life brought by the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus have affected our previous habits, way of functioning and living. It was not easy and simple to adapt and withstand all the sudden changes. Many people found it difficult to endure isolation, all the restrictive measures introduced, forced separation and solitude, as well as a large amount of time spent "in four walls". It is very difficult and it is a great challenge to resist it ... to preserve common sense, positive thoughts and life energy.

The impact of COVID-19 on education and social life

The pandemic has brought us all to a major life change ... from the realization of teaching and schooling to thinking about which aspects of life are most affected by isolation and physical distancing, especially in the period of growing up. The review and impression of the members of the parliament of the Technical School from Knjaževac can be seen in the attached texts. What are the main topics here are the impact of change due to the pandemic on schooling and social life.

,,Damned yard" in the time of Corona

Ivo Andrić - Serbian Nobel Prize winner. A lot is known about him. But the parliament of the Agricultural School "Radoš Jovanović Selja" will not tell you about it ... At least not for now ... Now we present to you the thoughts of one of our members about the concept of Andrić's work "The Damned Yard" and the times we are facing.

Finally, you have a link to the dramatization of this work with perhaps the most magnificent cast, including Zoran Radmilović.

"Fighting boredom together, but from afar"

The Student’s Parliament from PMPG Montana created a poster on topic "Getting Bored Together, But Away" by presenting part of their hobbies and challengеd their classmates. For many of us, it is difficult to live in conditions of social exclusion, but we can overcome this period a little more easily if we try not to perceive isolation as a bad thing, but as an opportunity to rest from social exhaustion, to find a new hobby or to get closer to our family.

We challenge you to accept тхе challеnges! We will look forward to your answers in the comments!


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