June, 1st - International Children's Day

The Student Parliament at PMPG-Montana celebrated June, 1st - International Children's Day with a presentation in the electronic diary of the high school. This day is the sunniest, happiest and most cheerful holiday, because it is dedicated to children from all over the world.

Although with a slight delay - Happy holiday, little, big and even bigger girls and boys!

“June, 2nd - Day of Botev and those who died for the freedom of Bulgaria”- PMPG Montana

Today, June 2nd, 2020, 144 years have passed since the death of a great Bulgarian revolutionary. Someone on this day to gather their heads in a sign of rest and recognition in front of the memory of Botev and all those who died for the freedom of Bulgaria! Bulgaria remembers and honors its heroes!

Hristo Botev - poet, revolutionary, active activist of the Bulgarian national liberation movement

"Our Writing" - PMPG Montana

The Student Parliament celebrated May 24, one of the brightest Bulgarian holidays with a presentation on topic "Our Writing". On this date we celebrate the Day of Bulgarian education and culture and the Slavic script. The Feast of Letters is a special date for all of us. And no matter where one is, one should always keep the memory of the cheerful atmosphere on this bright May’s day.

May 24 - day of Bulgarian education and culture

This year, in the conditions of a pandemic and the adopted anti-epidemic measures for conducting the educational process in an electronic environment, we face the challenge to celebrate in an unconventional way - in cyberspace and the brightest holiday in our calendar - the Day of Bulgarian Letters, the Feast of the Bulgarian Spirit. and cultural identity - May 24.

In Bulgaria we celebrate a unique holiday that other nations around the world do not celebrate - the Feast of Writing, Bulgarian education and culture.

Yordan Radichkov High School - Vidin presents Grigor Dimitrov.

Grigor Dimitrov is a Bulgarian tennis player. He has won Wimbledon and the 2008 US Junior Open. In his professional career he has won 8 titles from the APTP World Tour (Association of Professional Tennis Players), the most significant of which are in 2017 at the finals of the Masters in London and the Masters 1000 in Cincinnati.

Krakra Pernishki - the legendary boyar of Tsar Samuil and governor of Pernik (PGE - Pernik)

Students of PGI - Pernik prepared a report dedicated to Krakra Pernishki - the legendary boyar of Tsar Samuel and governor of Pernik.

Krakra is a Bulgarian nobleman and military leader who lived in the second half of the 10th and the beginning of the 11th century. During Samuil's wars with Byzantium, Krakra defended the Pernik fortress and inflicted two defeats on the Byzantine emperor Vasiliy II, the "Bulgarian assassin", who tried to capture it.

What to visit when you come to Niš?

Pupils from the parliament of the Gymnasium "Svetozar Markovic" decided to recommend to all friends and participants of the project what to visit when they come to our Nis.

- The Fortress

Our fortress is one of the few fortresses that has been preserved in good condition, and that rests on foundations 2000 years old. It is our symbol, because whoever decides to visit Nis, cannot fail to notice it. Today, in addition to being a very important tourist and archeological attraction, it hosts many events, including Nishville, the largest jazz festival in this part of Europe.

Iron Regiment of Toplica

The Second Infantry Regiment "Knjaz Mihajlo", known as the "Iron Regiment", was a regiment of the Serbian army during the wars of 1912-1918. The Iron Regiment was mobilized in Prokuplje during the war. The regiment was famous for its courage, toughness, high fighting morale, and with its heroism it amazed all the allied armies, including their military leaders, governments and people. The regiment started the war on October 7, 1912 from Prokuplje. It took part in all known battles, among which the battles of Cer and Kolubara were especially important.

About Aca Stanojevic, whose house was adapted for the needs of the Museum of the City of Knjazevac

The story of Aleksa Aca Stanojević, a man from Knjaževac, whose house was adapted for the needs of the Museum in 1989 and an unavoidable station for all tourists and people who want to get to know our city more and closer. The document is attached.


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