About Sergei Yesenin (Gymnasium Bora Stankovic Bor)

Inspired by Russian literature related to the period from the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century, representatives of our Student Parliament (among whom there are those who learn Russian) prepared an interesting activity. These are the details and interesting things about the character and work of the famous Russian writer Sergei Yesenin. His tumultuous, unusual and controversial life and work during this time have definitely left a mark on one creative era and one short, avant-garde literary direction-imagination.

"The month of the heroes from the April epopee"- Montana

On 10.04.20 the students members of the school council and participants in the project “A region of youth participation” presented the personality of Georgi Benkovski with a poster and a presentation.The initiative is part from the project  “Notable people and events” and is the first from a series coming out  in April- the month of the heroes from the April epopee.

Georgi Benkovski ( Gavril Hlutev by birth) was born on September 21st 1843.

Famous person from Bela Palanka - Rajko Mitic (1922-2008)

Rajko Mitic (Dol, Bela Palanka, November 19, 1922 - Belgrade, March 29, 2008) was a Yugoslav footballer. Although born in the small village of Dol near Bela Palanka, he quickly started playing for big clubs. He played for Belgrade-based BSK and Red Star, where he became famous. He was the captain of that team and was named the first "Star of the Star". He played in the position of the right halfback.

PSE - Pernik celebrated March 3rd

The day of Bulgaria's Liberation from Ottoman rule (March 3rd) is Bulgaria's national holiday. On that day, the San Stefano Peace Treaty was signed to end the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, commemorating the Liberation of Bulgaria. Proffecional School of Economics - Pernik celebrated the holiday through a radio show reflecting the main facts and chronology of the events related to the Third March. The holiday was held with folk dances, folk songs and a lot of mood. The students had prepared musical performances accompanied by drones, folk costumes and other national motifs.

"Borisav Bora Stankovic - a name we proudly bear" (Gymnasium "Bora Stankovic" Bor)

Bora's Week, which is traditionally celebrated as our school “day” with special program and various activities, will be commemorated this year in a slightly changed form due to the current situation. The pupils of our school (which proudly bears the name of this great person) made an effort to find and prepare interesting things about Bora's life and work, to jointly express the opinion and interpretation of his work.

Network project description

Aim of the network project: Raising awareness about important people and events from both countries - Bulgaria and Serbia.

Please only share RESULTS of the project activities carried out here (with text, photos ...). If you would like to suggest and discuss ideas, ask questions, or comment - do so in the Forum.


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