Healthy eating during a pandemic

The Student Council of PPMG "Acad. Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov "- Botevgrad celebrated the European Week of Public Health in the period 11-15 May 2020, which for the second consecutive year is held by the European Public Health Association (EUPHA). The motto of the Week "Working Together for Healthier Communities" is in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the initiative is to raise awareness of important public health issues.

The impact of a healthy diet on the body - School of Economics and Trade Vranje

The members of our Student Parliament are, in accordance with the conditions imposed by the current situation, i.e. in online cooking classes, with their professor, gastronomist Andrej Pavlović, prepared a presentation on the impact of healthy food on the body.

Our recommendation is also a healthy "Chaos salad", for which you can read the recipe here, and you can also prepare it.

Healthy food - SP from Bela Palanka

In the midst of a pandemic, it is necessary to think about a healthy diet. The parliamentarians of the high school "Niketa Remezijanski" from Bela Palanka managed to unite one presentation on the topic of healthy food in my area. The presentation was delivered to school children through viber groups of the classes. By the way, our region is known for garden peppers and good banica (pie), not only from white flour but also from buckwheat, with spinach, chard and other healthy additions that have a positive effect on the body and immunity.

Healthy food

Members of the Student Parliament of the Agricultural School "Radoš Jovanović Selja" in the conditions required by the current situation, are fully aware of the fact that a longer stay at home potentially leads to not so healthy eating habits, or even to finding some way out of the situation in food. With this in mind, members of parliament prepared a presentation on the importance of balance in the human body.

"Simple, tasty and healthy meals" (Gymnasium "Bora Stanković" Bor)

It is the season of various fruits, vegetables and healthy foods, so we can prepare interesting, fast and tasty meals for ourselves and our loved ones. As we pointed out earlier, healthy food and vitamin intake are not only necessary in times of illness, viruses and other bad circumstances. If possible, it should be part of our daily menu and something we do to strengthen our health.

"Table full of health" (Gymnasium "Bora Stanković" Bor)

Healthy food, vitamins, various fruit and vegetable drinks are very important not only in the times of Corona and all other viruses, but also in order for our entire organism to be full of health, strength, vitality and energy. In this regard, pupils, representatives of our parliament (and their pedagogue) tried to convey what healthy foods are part of their diet, which they often like to consume. At the same time, it is a recommendation and an invitation for everyone to include something from our "menu" in their menu. Treat yourself to a tasty and healthy meal! :)


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