The Student Council is important for the life of the school community

The Student Council of PPMG "Acad. Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov" - Botevgrad held a final discussion on the network project "Let's ban student parliaments". The students expressed their opinion on the functioning and importance of student councils for expressing the opinion of the school community. Other issues raised in the discussion were how to advertise their activities in order to increase the authority and importance of the school board.

Meeting of the student parliament and the organization of elections for the most active

The student parliament of the Gymnasium "Svetozar Markovic" decided to hold an online meeting, because even though we are not in school, that is not a reason to stop working.

At today's meeting, the members of the parliamnet of our school had the task of choosing the student who will take the title of the most active this year. Voting was conducted online, through a poll on Google Forms. Voting was conducted successfully with a quorum met and exceeded (39 students).

"Communication and situation" (Gymnasium "Bora Stanković" Bor)

Communication with other people is one of the sources of great pleasure and happiness, but sometimes it can be frustrating, provoke unpleasant emotions and reactions, lead to relationship breakdown, or addiction. Specific situations also lead to specific communication. It can be aggressive, passive and assertive. In the school itself, but also through the Student Parliament, it is very important to cultivate non-violent, assertive communication, which would mitigate, or even prevent the escalation of conflicts that can grow from verbal to physical.

The Student Parliament from Prokuplje presented the project and its work

The project team and members of the students' parliament at the Agricultural School "Rados Jovanovic Selja" from Prokuplje promoted the project "Region оф Youth Participation" on local television and their initial idea to work on the project on the protection of animals "Every Paw Needs a Home". Since the idea is not supported, this is a topic that we have addressed within the work of the parliament itself, because research shows that it is important for a student parliament to carry out activities that are of concern of all students.

Results from the survey "Let's ban school parliaments" - FLHS "Yordan Radichkov" Vidin

Thank you to everyone who did the survey and participated in our research! Now we can give you the results so we could work together towards improving them when it’s time for our next survey, which will be done at the end of the school year in order to compare them and assess the benefits of our activities. The results will be presented to you in the forms of an analysis and graphic tables.

Up until today (March 30th, 2020) the survey has been done by 145 people.

Preparation for activity

The school parliament of FLHS "Yordan Radichkov" in Vidin, Bulgaria got together on 28.01.2020 to create a poll on the network project "Let us BAN school parliaments". Everyone took active participation. The poll has the aim to inquire the school parliament about the level of awareness of the purpose of the school parliaments and therefore to prompt towards measures being taken to dispatch the probem at hand - and that is the inadequacy of teachers and students about its work.

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