" A Treasure Hunt"

On February 24-th 2023 our beloved Math and Science High School held the first big "  Treasure Hunt". The participants were divided in teams by means of a lottery,interesting presents and awards were prepared for the first 3 teams,that succeeded in solving all the riddles.

A week without school harassment

"The Students Council made the past week an interesting one. Under the name of " A week without school harassment" there were numerous initiatives which had the purpose to diversify the week -there were training lessons "Without school harassment!"for our 5,6 and 7 graders,as well as  all of the 8 graders.The youngest high school students made different decorations- boards with messages,a special tree o which everyone could write and hang a message,and many others.

The School council - Montana conducted addictions prevention

Students from the School council conducted an educational meeting according to the "Peers train their peers" method. The theme of this educational activity was "Being informed means not being addicted". On November 14-th the meeting was held with 6 graders, on November 15-th with 8 and 9 graders and on November 16-th -with the students from the 7 grade. They debated on topics like alcohol abuse, drugs and smoking.

Day of the student self-government in the FLHS - Vidin

On May 9, 2022. The Day of Self-Government was traditionally celebrated in the Yordan Radichkov High School in Vidin with the active participation of the students. During this day, they took on different roles - some were teachers and taught their classmates, while others took positions in the administration and management of the school. For example, Martin Stefanov from 11.A was the principal, Alexandra Boyanova from 9.B grade was the deputy principal, Velislav Benkov from 11.B was the secretary and Raya Malinova from 11.A grade was the librarian.

Information from the Student Parliament at GPCHE - Vidin

31.03.2022 In the period January-March 2022, the members of the SP were active again and took part in some important dates of the holiday calendar. For example, the production of posters, which were placed in prominent places in the school, marked the Day of the Pink T-shirt and the Day of Love - February. Later, the SP students helped to collect the necessary clothes and materials for the Ukrainian refugees in the city, which they presented to the local Bulgarian Red Cross.

The parliament in Kazevets participated in two mobilities

14.03.2022 During the previous period, the students of the Kazavac Technical School held regular meetings and participated in another interesting project on interculturalism. It was attended by 8 students - members of parliament and 2 mentors - the head of parliament and professional associate. Activities also included student mobility - one group of students from our school stayed in Leskovac and another in Lucanim, where they had the opportunity to participate in workshops.


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