Disasters – memories in Negoi commune, Dolj county

The floods are draining processes, along the riverbeds, of some big water quantities, which exceed the natural shores or piers, flooding  the meadows, occupying extended  surfaces of  lands used by men.

The year 2006 represented for the community of the people from Negoi a  devastating year taking into account the floods produced in April- May, when the  Danube waters flooded the meadow and the neighborhood localities.

In  Negoi locality there have been flooded about  369 hectares of arable land. A good part of the inhabitants didn’t wanted to leave their houses, which were in front on the waters, not taking into consideration the gendarmes’ requests and advices.

The National Road 55 A couldn’t be used, between the communes Negoi and Rast, on a distance of 700 meters, the Danube river going forwards, on dry land, in Dolj, for 10 km.

 Form the 12  counties situated near the Danube and affected by floods, the greatest number of the evacuated persons were from Dolj county- 8.787.

The school and the kindergarten from Negoi became a food deposit for the refugees and a resting place for the authorities implied  in the management of this situation. We mention that the village was practically divided in two parts, the Old Village being the most affected by the floods – more than  50 houses  being totally affected.

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