Explore what disasters (natural or man-made) have historical data and memories in your settlement. Describe them and illustrate them with photographs or drawings.

In 2005, Goicea commune was affected by floods, Desnățui river exceeding the protective pier, the waters went to the center of the commune, without affecting the school and the Town Hall. Some material damages have been determined, a number of 15 houses being flooded, a surface of about 12 hectares being affected, no human victims being registered. We should also mention that in 2006, the inhabitants of Goicea commune housed the refugees from Cîrna commune, who were affected by the floods determined by the Danube river.

The floods are draining processes, along the riverbeds, of some big water quantities, which exceed the natural shores or piers, flooding  the meadows, occupying extended  surfaces of  lands used by men.

The year 2006 represented for the community of the people from Negoi a  devastating year taking into account the floods produced in April- May, when the  Danube waters flooded the meadow and the neighborhood localities.

In this regard, we mention some of these incidents that took place within the commune.


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