Gymnasium Negoi School, Romania

Short hystory of the location and of the school from Negoi


Negoi location exists since  , as it is mentioned in a document of the Romanian Academy since the year 1816. /7. On that time the village was called Urâți and was belonging to the monastery Vierosi.  The ocation is at  15 km away from  Băilești train station and at  75 km south west of  Craiova. It`s terain is a  flat field  called Măgura-Cârstei.

In this area, there are a few knolls: Zavleca, Coteiașul, Cârstei.  

In addition, this area was the backwater Urâtei, made of the backwaters from Rastului flowing down in the Danube, thru the backwater called  Zitoaca.

Nicolae Stoicescu claims the existance in the past (1814-1816) of a woden church (Sf.Nicolae), build by Hagi Enus,  scratch at 1909.

Eventough this woden charch has changed it`s protective saint at 1845 (Sf. Jhoan), the parochy church, build from brick between years 1911 and 1913, with the help of the belivers attending the church, of Mrs and Mr Gabroveanu, the owners of  Negoi village, has come back to their initial protective saint. This church had in the year 1941 a parochy library of almost 250 de volumes, working toghether with the Cultural Home The Light of the People. The spiritual and morally religious life was at it`s highest pick, and the belivers have responded in the past, as in the present, for rising up the village and helping the needy ones, the parochy and the school between the years 1938 and 1945 hav hade a dinning place which was feeding daily over 40 pupils with very poor material situation.

 The name of the location, is believed to come  from the lord Neagoe Basarab. In the oldest of times, the teritory on which the village is situated,  has belong to the  Brăiloiu family, and it was given to a  Austrian prince, thru his marriage with a daughter of Neagoe Basarab. Then it became the heritage of Brăiloiu Cornițoiu and finally, was sold to Paciurea, during the time of Alexandru Șuțu.
     The location Negoi is an old location.  In the past beared the name of ”Urâți”. It is not known when it was mentioned in a document.
     The foundr of the village ”Urâți” were some big people, giants, with an ugly face, and the village took their name.
     Around the year 1790, during the very often floods to which the village Urâți was exposed, the habitants moved to Neagoe`s mansion, were there also was the village with it`s name.  So the village was called Negoi.
In the village there is a church build in the year 1816 by Hagi Enui, the previous owner of heritage Negoi.

in school year 2016-2017

  1. Pre-school teacher-3 groups: 71 preschool pupils
  2. Primary teacher-6 class rooms: 168 pupils
  3. Gimnasyum learning-4 class rooms: 77 pupils
  4. Organisational chart
  • 1 director
  • 20 teacher
  • 3 people as auxiliary personell
  • 3 people which are not teachers























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