Tehnical Highschool Petre Baniță Călărași, Romania

Technological Highschool ,, Petre Baniță,, is situated on the south est part of Dolj County, on National Route 57 , in  Călărași city, which is 40 km away from Corabia and at 72 km away from Craiova , in a field area, on the Danube valley, at a distance of just 8-10 Km away from the river which is separating us from our neighbour contry, Bulgaria.

At 1 km south from Călărași there is the village  Sărata and has a population of 5.977 habitants. The location has become related with Chartres-de-Bretagne, location found in France.

Founded in the year 1977, by transforming the  Theoretical Highschool Dăbuleni into ago-industrial highschool the school was ment to be a training center of the medium qualified personel for the agriculture in the area. After that, by blending into the school plan diferent shapes of learning, it becomes a schoolar group.

Technological Highschool „Petre Baniță” Călărași, has become in time a technical and professional learning unit acknowleged by the county especially for it`s professional qualification domains . During the 39 years, the school unit has sufered changes both in name as in location were the activities are being developed.

Since it was founded until 1991 the school unit has functioned under the name Agroindustrial Highschool, and then changed into Agricultural Schooling Group Dăbuleni

Starting with 1th September 2010 as a result of OMECTS no. 3731/28.04.2010 it is approved to change the name of Agricultural Schooling Group Calarasi in  Agricultural Schooling Group „ Petre Banita „ Călărași.

At 1 year distance, the primary schools and kindergarden found obn the teritory of i Călărași become structures of  Agricultural Schooling Group „Petre Banita” and still at that time changes the name Technological Highschool ‚, Petre Banita „ a name tht is still used today.

The pupil come also from urban side as well as from the rural side,and the school activity is developed on the following shapes of learning: preschool, primary, gimnasyum, professional of 3 years, highschool day and evening.  

Since is developimg it`s activity in an area with a strong cultural tradition, the mission of the school is to develop and send this message to the future generations thru the triade teachers - pupils - parents.    In our highschool , in the last and actual school year, sactivities have been developed thru the following projects:

  • ,, IDEEA for a society based on knowlege,,  by involving two groups of pupils ,  12 in each group,  Publishing House and Tourism , having as a major objective to initiate lucrative activities and to integrate on the labour market ;
  • ,, Practice the theory !,, having as an objective to put in practicve the theoretical notions, with the participation of 25 pupils.
  • ERASMUS +, having as an objective-,,Training the practical competences of quality, in professional learning for peoples in the rural area in the field of agriculture”, with the involvement of  22 pupils ,which have practiced in the field of wine making in Italy, Calabria region.


       Ca așezare geografică, localitatea este poziționată în partea de sud a județului, între orașele Bechet și Dăbuleni. Mai precis, comuna se află la 1 km de Dăbuleni și la 7 km de Bechet, pe șoseaua Bechet – Corabia

 Localitatea se află în zona nisipoasă din sudul Olteniei, principala îndeletnicire a locuitorilor fiind cultivarea pepenilor verzi, a  tomatelor, a cartofului  și a viței de vie, la diversificarea soiurilor contribuind Stațiunea de Cercetare C.C.D.C.P.N. Dăbuleni.

Being mostly a field area , with sandy terains, the habitants are feced with dry weather, sand storms, and when the Danube falls out of it`s bounderies  with floods, the filds from the south side of Dabuleni can`t be used.

From a confessional point of view, most of the habitants are orthodox (97,93%). For 1,56% of the population their confesssional status us not known.

The multitudes of learning forms existing in our school unit ensure a complex educational offeradjusted to the labour market allowing to the graduates to have acces either to a superior learning, or towards a working place after aquiring a professional qualification. Many graduates, which don`t have the financial support of their families, keep managing their own fields punând practicing the abilities and the competences aquired during the highschool cycle of learning .




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