Visit to the Fire Safety and Population Protection Department

16.12.2019 The students from the Young Rescuer Club at III Petar Beron Primary School visited the district Fire Safety and Population Protection Department in Montana. They were greeted by firefighters and understood about their work and the peculiarities of this responsible and dangerous profession.

It was interesting for everyone to understand the equipment of the vehicle for fire and emergency safety, the special clothing of the fireman and all the equipment necessary for extinguishing a fire. Those who are interested in the firefighting profession have realized how much firefighters are exposed to. And since there is nothing more valuable than human life, no one should afford to send false messages to 112 and divert firefighters from where their assistance is really needed.
The biggest attraction for the students, however, was the demonstration of a fire truck with a fire ladder, with which it reached the most critical point. Everyone had the opportunity to experience the thrill of climbing high enough with the ladder.

Students and parents got involved in the attractions prepared by the young firefighters. Most interesting to the children was the high-pressure hose - part of the demonstration. Along the whole picture, girls and boys have shared that they know what these men actually do in their daily lives. Some of the children witnessed a house fire as well as burning containers. They know what to do when there is strong smoke in the room first, as well as indoor fire.

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