News archive 2012

27.12.2012. Bulgarian National Television broadcast a reportage for the Centre for Street Children (named in the reportage Center for Children at Risk) - social service in community, delivered by Free Youth Centre in the Roma neighborhood of Vidin. See more

12.2012. Ministry of Health awards Free Youth Centre a certificate for care through sexual health education for vulnerable young people by their trained peers.

25.12.2012. On Christmas Day in Slavi's Show aired the Ivan Kulekov's movie "Humans" about the volunteering, in which find place Free Youth Center - Vidin. See more

21.12.2012. Christmas was celebrated at the Centre for Street Children in play, poems, songs and lots of gifts. Some of them were provided by the British charity organization Phoenix Inspire, which is working in Bulgaria.

15 -17.12.2012. In Vidin and Montana held a presentation of the project "Volunteering for Social Cohesion" to potential beneficiaries - providers of social services and hight schools. The purpose of the presentation was to attract participants in project activities.

14.12.2012. Free Youth Centre held a press conference for local and national media in conjunction with the launch of the project "Volunteering for Social Cohesion", funded under the Romania Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperationfrom Programme 2007 to 2013. Lead partner is Romanian organization "Vasiliadia".

6-7.12.2012. Free Youth Centre organizes training for the staff of the Center for Street Children and the Social Services Centre for Children and Families in Vidin to work with parents. The training was conducted by the Institute for Social Activities and Practices - Sofia.

19-20.11.2012. Craiova, Romania hosted a meeting of the management team of the project Volunteering for Social Cohesion, funded under the Cross-Border Cooperation Romania - Bulgaria Programme. Free Youth Centre is a partner of association Vasilada - Craiova in the project inplementation. The purpose of the meeting was the planning of activities in its initial stage.

26.10.2012. On the feast of Vidin - St.Dimitar Day volunteers from Phoenix club of the Free Youth Centre surprised residents and guests with so called "Flash-mob". The performance attracted many young people.

19-21.10.2012. In "Bozhuritsa", near Vidin, took place training for volunteers, who are working under programme "Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS", component 7. The theme of the seminar was "Enhancing competencies of peer educators". The training coincided with the birthday of volunteer club "Phoenix", who turned one year.

19.10.2012. The team of the programme "Improvement of TB case detection and success treatment among Roma population" and volunteers visited Belogradchik Roma neighborhood within the campaign "Together to Beat TB".

12.10.2012. Free Youth Centre organized a campaign in the Roma neighborhood of Vidin on the theme "Together to Beat TB" with the participation of local team of the programme "Improvement of TB case detection and success treatment among Roma population" and young volunteers. The campaign aims both - to inform for the disease and to motivate risk groups for free on place testing.

06.10.2012. Free Youth Centre join the Roma Pride - Pride Day of Roma ethnicity. On Saturday volunteers from both ethnics (Roma/Bulgarian) handing out printed materials to citizens of Vidin with messages of tolerance.

24-28.09.2012. The local team of the programme "Improvement of TB case detection and treatment success among Roma population", performed in Vidin by Free Youth Centre, participates in training and exchange of experience with colleagues working on the programme throughout the country. The seminar was held at the hotel Augusta, Hisar.

01-06.08.2012. Representatives of FYC participated in a youth project in Zakopane, Poland. The theme of the exchange "Your success depends on your activities" was discussed by 22 representatives of Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Latvia and Spain. Activities and meetings were focused on methods to motivate young people for improving of qualification and finding a job after their graduation.

10.07.2012. The Centre for Street Children (structure of FYC) was visited by the famous Bulgarian writer Ivan Koulekov. Currently Mr. Kulekov makes a film about volunteering in Bulgaria.

25-27.05.2012. Representatives of FYC participated in the Balkan forum for tolerance organized by the Open club Nis. The activity is part of a project funded by Europena Union's program "Support to civil society". You can find more information about the forum on

20.05.2012. Free Youth Centre organized a campaign on the occasion of International Day of solidarity with those affected by HIV / AIDS, celebrated every third Sunday of May including the following activities: planting a flower red ribbon - symbol of the fight with AIDS, lighting candles around the flower bed, distributing condoms and candles to citizens. Volunteers gave the chance to Vidin citizens to express their opinion about this day by writing a message on a specially-designed posters in the form of red ribbon.

11-13.05.2012. The conclusion forum under the project "Regional Integration with a Social Effect" was held in Vidin, which brought back the social providers in the Bulgarian-Serbian border area. Objectives of the meeting were continuing consolidation in the social sector in the region and sharing of innovative practices. The network of social providers has been formalized through the creation of a consortium with same name as the project - RISE, to continue collaboration after its completion.

07.05.2012. The exposition "Good practices in social services in the Bulgarian-Serbian border area" was presented in Vidin. The aim of the exhibition is to show the achievements of social service providers in the context of ongoing reform in both countries. The event is held within Project RISE, in which FYC is a lead partner. A presentation of the exposition is forthcoming also in the Republic of Serbia.

28.03.2012. Tsvety and Samuil - both former volunteers of the Free Youth Centre are now a family. Congratulations!

06.03.2012. Public Council at the Center for Street Children (structure of FYC)was established in Vidin. The meeting was attended by representatives of Vidin Municipality, Directorate "Social Support", Regional Inspectorate of Education, local government in Nov Pat neighborhood and the head of CSC. The Council aims at increasing the efficiency of social service by coordinating the interaction with the institutions, external support and public control.

17-18.02.2012. The second project RISE staff meeting took place in the office of the project partner Open club - Nish. The aim of the meeting was the implementation of the project to be evaluated and the following three months to be planned. Is was underlined that the implementation of the project wholy corresponds to the planned one.

16-20.01.2012. The planned training "Cross Border Cooperation - strategic planning and project's preparation" under the project RISE for social sphere experts in Bulgaria - Serbia cross- border region took place in the hotel "Skalite" - Belogradchik. Eight selected through competition experts from both countries participated in the training.

14.01.2012. The children from the Centre for work with children on the street(structure of FYC) took part in the town celebration of Roma New Year. You can find video from the event in YouTube.