News archive 2013

20.12.2013. The traditional Christmas celebration took place in Center for Work with Street Children. The children presented a short but meaningful program and Santa Claus gave them deserved gifts. See more

04-08.12.2013. In the hotel "Skalite" - Belogradchik was held a five-day training of educational specialists from Bulgaria and Serbia in the development of NGOs. The training aimed to prepare them for work in the new joint organization which registration is planned for the spring of 2014. See more

29.11.2013. On the occasion of World Aids Day in Vidin was played traditional basketball "All Star Game" dedicated to the cause. Volunteers from club "Phoenix" to Free Youth Centre made a quiz with prizes among spectators. The campaign continued at very date 1 December when in downtown volunteers distributed to citizens red ribbons as a sign of empathy. See more

28.11.2013. In The Centre for Social and Educational Assistance was held a regular meeting of the Expert Council under the project FASP. The councilors approved the list of beneficiaries of the project - parents of children on the street. See more

22-23.11.2013. In Sokobanja, Serbia was held the last of the thematic forums on project BSIT.NET. 20 teachers from Bulgaria and Serbia participated in this forum. The hosts surprised the participants with the discussion on education with high school students in the area. See more

07 - 09.11.2013. The third three days training module for teachers in kindergarten was entitled "Organization of the multicultural environment in the classroom." Lecturer of the course was again Janka Totseva, Ph.D. See more

01-02.11.2013. The second thematic cross-border forum "Innovations and best practices in teaching" was held in Kyustendil with the participation of 20 teachers from the Bulgarian-Serbian border region. See more

20.10-01.11.2013. The second training for teachers in kindergarten was held in Vidin with the participation of 20 teachers. The theme of the course was "Education without prejudice in kindergarten", and lecturer was Janka Totseva, Ph.D. See more

26-28.10.2013. In Vidin held the first of trainings for teachers from kindergarten under the project "InterFace", financed by Operational Programme "Human Resources Development". The theme of the course was "The involvement of the family and model of kindergarten open to the community " and lecturer - Maria Alexieva, PhD. See more

25-26.10.2013. In Zajcer, Serbia took place the first cross-border forum "Innovation and best practice in teaching", held on the project BSITNET. In its work trough their presentations participated 20 teachers from Bulgar-Serbian border region. See more

17-18.10.2013. In Craiova, Romania held the final conference of the project "Volunteering for social cohesion." It work was attended by over 50 representatives of social and educational institutions, NGOs and volunteers, incl. also guests from Bulgaria. The participants were informed in detail about the achievements of the project as well as lessons learned. See more

16.10.2013. In the office of Free Youth Centre was established a Cooperation Council for the performance of the project "InterFace". The members are thr representatives of the project partners, the Municipality of Vidin, RIE, the local Roma community and a journalist from National Radio. The agenda of the meeting included an initial introduction to the project and the adoption of rules of procedure of the Council. See more

04-05.10.2013. In Vidin was held second training for teachers on project Knowledge without frontiers. This time the theme of the course was "Managing problem behaviors of adolescents through cooperation." The training was attended by 10 teachers from Vidin and 10 from Bor, Serbia. See more

27-28.09.2013. In Bor, Serbia was held the first of two planned trainings for teachers from both countries. The theme was prevention of risky behavior among adolescents on project "Knowledge without Frontiers". Representatives from Bulgarian side were 10 teachers from primary and secondary schools in Vidin. See more

26.09.2013. In The Centre for Social and Educational Assistance was held meeting for establishment of the Expert Council which purpose is to support the "FASP" project. Experts present were acquainted in detail with the planned project activities and the role of the Council in the implementation of the project. See more

12-14.09.2013. In Vidin took place second cross-border exchange visit of volunteers under project Volunteering for Social Cohesion. During the exchange young people from Bulgaria and Romania had the opportunity to exercise "volunteerism in action" in three local social institutions. See more

04-06.09.2013. In Craiova, Romania held an exchange of volunteers in implementation of the project "Volunteering for Social Cohesion", funded by CBC Romania - Bulgaria Programme. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange information and experiences between young people on social volunteering in both countries. Bulgarian participants were 23 young people from Vidin and Montana, and professionals in social work and volunteering. See more

27-31.08.2013. In Vidin held second joint training of peer educators under the project "Knowledge without Frontiers", funded by IPA CBC Bulgaria - Serbia Programme. The theme of the course this time was "Reproductive Health." From Bulgarian side training was attended by 12 young people from the Vidin. Free Youth Centre is a project partner of the leading organization Kokoro - Bor. See more

27-31.07.2013. In Bor, Serbia held first joint training of peer educators under the project "Knowledge without Frontiers", funded by IPA CBC Bulgaria - Serbia Programme. The theme of the course was "Prevention of drug abuse among young people." From Bulgarian side training was attended by 13 young people from the Vidin. Free Youth Centre is a project partner of the leading organization Kokoro - Bor. See more

18-24.06.2013. Representatives of the Free Youth Centre took part in an international seminar in Spain under Action 4.3 of the Youth in Action Programme. The aim of the seminar was to be a meeting point between different organizations from Estonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Spain, in order to create a future common projects for the social inclusion of young people. See more

14-16.06.2013. In "Bozhuritsa" was held a training of volunteers from Free Youth Centre, working on component 7 of the "Prevention and Control of HIV / AIDS." The training aimed to develop the knowledge and skills of peer educators through individual and group work. See more

02-09.06.2013. The youth coordinator of volunteers club of Free Youth Centre took part in the Annual PETRI Training School for Y-Peer network coordinators. The main themes in the TC were Project development and management, HIV Prevention among Young Key Populations and Advocating for Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health. The TC was held in Borovets. See more

02.06.2013. In Belogradchik was completed the training of volunteers from regions of Vidin and Montana, participants in the "Volunteers for Social Cohesion" project. The purpose of the education was to prepare them for services in the social sector. See more

30.05 - 01.06.2013. Second joint workshop under "Volunteers for Social Cohesion" project took place on the banks of the Danube near Orshova, Romania. Participants discussed the contents of the Guide to social volunteering, prepared by experts on volunteering and social services. See more

19.05.2013. In Vidin was campaigned on International Day of empathy for those affected by HIV/AIDS. It was attended by volunteers from the Free Youth Centre by planting a flower bed in the shape of a ribbon that symbolizes the fight against HIV/AIDS. In this way they were part of the national compaign, which took place across the country. See more

13-19.05.2013. Representative of the Free Youth Centre took part in an international trainig course "European citizenship". The course was held in Lisbon, Portugal at the "Youth in Action". It was attended by representatives of organizations from Slovenia, Spain, Croatia, Poland, Cyprus, Georgia, Italy, Poland and Estonia. The training explained the concept of European citizenship to be able to use and integrate the work of youth workers. See more

09-11.05.2013. In the hotel "Skalite", Belogradchik, took place a joint Bulgarian-Romanian Workshop for professionals in the social and educational sectors of the border area. The meeting was focused on the development of guidelines for social volunteering based on best practices that exist in both countries and European ones. See more

18.04.2013. In the BTA press club in Vidin was presented Comparative analysis of voluntary situation in the Romanian-Bulgarian border region as a result of research conducted within the project "Volunteering for social cohesion" by association Vasiliadа - Craiova, Romania and Free Youth Centre - Vidin. See more

08.04.2013. Mayor of Vidin Gergo Gergov opened playground "Roma Tale", created with funding from Free Youth Centre The playground is a part of the social service Centre for Street Children, which is developed by the association in the Roma neighborhood since 2010. For the opening day was chosen the International Roma Day, when also was "Open Doors Day" in the centre. See more

13.02.2013. Volunteers from Free Youth Centre took part in the concert Song for Valentine's Day. They played a thematic scene which give information about the prevention of HIV/AIDS, made a makeshift photo studio from canvas painted with hearts and messages, handed out condoms, balloons, cards. See more