News archive 2014

24-25.10.2014. At the hotel Neptune - Vidin took place the final roundtable under project FASP - Family Action Support Programme, co-financed by the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme. The aim of the forum was to share the experience, gained under project, in work with parents of street childern, before the colleagues from the network of social services providers "RISE". See more

16-18.10.2014. In Izvor monastery was organized a training workshop for volunteers from the club "Phoenix" of the Free Youth Centre, who are working on component 7 of the Programme for Prevention and Control of HIV / AIDS. The course was designed to overbuild their knowledge and skills to make them more effective in fieldwork. See more

15.09.2014. The team of the project "Improvement of TB case detection and treatment success among Roma population" visited Archar village, Vidin region, where organized an information campaign under the motto "Together against tuberculosis." Free tasting of the local people was provided as well. See more

10.09.2014. Free Youth Centre organized a concluding roundtable under project InterFace with the participation of public authorities, specialists from pre-school education and media. The aim of the forum was to present the experience of the project, its achievements and lessons learned, and to discuss some actual problems of pre-school education in Vidin. The roundtable ended with a press conference for local media. See more

11-12.06.2014. Children and parents - participants in the project InterFace, visited the town of Belogradchik, where they had the opportunity to see the Museum of Nature and to sightseeing the unique rocks. See more

10.06.2014. In the place "Bozhuritsa" near Vidin, took aplace a picnic and a sports fest for participating in the IterFace project children, parents and teachers. The hot weather did not stop the merry games and good mood. See more

03.06.2014. In the hall of the State Puppet Theatre held a concert of children involved in activities on the InterFace project. In the lobby was also exhibited an exhibition of their works. The concert and exhibition were a public report of the achievements of the project, whose main purpose is educational integration of Roma children in preschool ages. Both events were attended by parents and citizens of Vidin. See more

22.05.2014. Free Youth Centre’s representatives participated in the workshop on the project Eyouth democracy in Athens, Greece. The participants discussed best practices in youth engagement, the innovative and interactive platform previous developed and also it was made revision and evaluation of materials from E-panels. Participants also had the opportunity to see the sights of the city and experience the Greek culture. See more

19-20.05.2014. The team of Centre for Work with Street Children - social service managed by Free Youth Centre visitied their colleagues in Plovdiv. The experts shared their experiences and best practices in providing the service to children and their families and also the good facilities available in CWSC - Plovdiv were viewed. See more

18.05.2014. . Volunteers from "Club Phoenix" at Free Youth Centre for third time initiated a campaign for the International Day of solidarity with those affected by HIV / AIDS. In the Danube Park, they organized an information campaign where distributed materials, cards, balloons, condoms and more. They managed to attract public attention and sympathy. Traditionally, together with volunteers from The Youth Drug Council planted flowers in the form of a ribbon loop of lighted candles. See more

10-14.05.2014. In the period was run off on-line discussions on the project Eyouth democracy. It aims at empowering young people with the necessary knowledge, in order to express their opinion on social issues. Topics that young people from Bulgaria and Greece were discussed were youth migration, human rights, recognition of professional qualifications, racism and promoting youth participation in democratic processes. See more

15.04.2014. In Vidin took place second final quiz within the project "Knowledge without Frontiers". This time the theme was "Prevention of Drug Addiction." The participants were from both countries - Bulgaria and Serbia. Serbian team performed better and won first place. See more

08.04.2014. In Bor, Serbia was held the first final quiz within the project "Knowledge without Frontiers". The theme of the event was "Promotion of reproductive health." Teams from both sides showed extensive knowledge of sexually transmitted infections and contraception. See more

31.03.2014. In Negotin, Serbia was held a meeting of volunteers from the two neighboring countries, working on peer-to-peer training program within the project "Knowledge without Borders". They shared their experience with youth from the host town. See more

29-30.03.2014. In the hotel "Neptune" Vidin took place the final forum on project BSIT.NET. It was attended by 30 teachers from Bulgaria and Serbia. One of the results of the meeting and the project was establishment of the new organization "Regional Network for Innovative Education," which will continue to develop educational cooperation in the future. See more

21-23.03.2014. The team of the Centre for Work with Street Children and representatives of partner NGOs, active in social field, passed a three-day training in fieldwork in "Madonna" hotel, Falkovets. The course was in frameworks of the project FASP, funded by the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme. See more

14.02.2014. Volunteers from club "Phoenix", part of Free Youth Centre participated in the antiAIDS campaign dedicated to St. Valentine's Day in Vidin. They worked during the day in the field and handed out promotional materials, condoms, balloons and before and during the concert "Song for Valentine's Day", they did a shop in which invited young people to be photographed, consulted and motivated them to test themselves for HIV. See more

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