Drugs through your eyes (PGE - Pernik)

The students from the Board of PGE - Pernik prepared essays on "Drugs through your eyes", through which they stated their personal position on the spread of various types of addictions in society, but mostly attention was paid to drug addiction. Considering this to be one of the biggest threats to young people, the students developed this activity under the "Deadly Candy" network project. The topic is also related to the online lesson "Psychological Addictions", which was held at the Secondary School of Economics.

"In human life lurks around every corner a danger that can lead to a tragic end. One such harm is drugs, which take away from happy moments and lead to undesirable consequences." - says Sofia Bosneshka

"My life is described by the words - laughter, family, friends, walks and dreams. I think everyone chooses their own path, so I choose to be different in my quest for life - I do not choose the tragic end!" - states Gabriela Grigorova.

Karolina Stoyanova urges: "First of all, do not judge without reason! Speak, share, do not let the past overshadow your future. Be people first for yourself and then for others. Take matters into your own hands. Be a change from which the world needs it! ".

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