"Fridays for Advocacy" Session 2 on April 30, 15.00

27.04.2021 On Friday, at 15.00 CET comes the second session of Fridays for Advocacy titled "Change step-by-step, a framework for success"! This time Matteo Sisto of Europiamo will be the main speaker.

We believe that it is a great opportunity for all of us but mostly for younger colleagues to improve their skills in an area (advocacy) that many youth organisations haven't managed to prioritise or develop so much.

I would like to also remind that this is a seminar that takes notice of time constraints and the level of tiredness of all of us with digital events, thus concentrating in intense 45' sessions.

We'd love to have you or a representative of your organisation with us on Friday 30/4.

Check the details of the event, register and share with peers: https://www.facebook.com/events/198189242116688

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