Georgi Dimitrov and the Memorial of Mining Labor in Pernik (PGI - Pernik)

Students from PGI - Pernik prepared a presentation to present the personality of Georgi Dimitrov and the Mining Memorial, which is one of the most popular landmarks in the city.

Georgi Dimitrov Mihailov is a Bulgarian politician, leader of the Bulgarian Communist Party (BCP) and chairman of the Comintern.

Dimitrov was born in 1882 in the Radomir village of Kovachevtsi, district Pernik, in a family of refugees from Pirin Macedonia, but grew up in Sofia. He completed only primary education and began working in the printing industry, but soon turned to trade union and political activity. In 1913 he was elected Member of Parliament, and after the First World War he was among the leaders of the Bolshevik BCP.

In 1923, Georgi Dimitrov led the September Uprising, after the failure of which he worked as a functionary of the Comintern in Moscow, Vienna, Berlin. In 1933 he was among those accused in the ostentatious Leipzig trial. With his energetic speeches during the trial, he gained international fame, becoming one of the most popular figures in the world communist movement.

The memorial of mining work in Pernik is located on Krakra Square. Its construction as a memorial complex began in September 1979. It was completed and opened on June 18, 1982 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Georgi Dimitrov. Behind the project is a team consisting of: sculptor - Prof. Sekul Krumov, architects: Prof. Ivan Tatarov, Assoc. Prof. Totyu Totev, Tanko Serafimov, Ivan Nikolov; engineers: T. Maleev, B. Dimitrov, E. Georgiev, E. Peev, P. Bratchkov, A. Durchev and S. Stoychev.

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