Life during a pandemic

The Student Council of PPMG Acad. Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov - Botevgrad held a discussion on "What does life teach us during quarantine"? This situation is a paradise for people with rich imagination, naive thinking and conspiratorial suspicions. It is beneficial for everyone to see what they believe in and to propagate it to others. Few people have the time and desire to verify sources and verify the truth of specific statements. On the other hand, some live confidently with the arrogance of the last resort and underestimate the threat of coronavirus, defining it as "manipulation" and "media hysteria".

The students discussed their attitude to the various messages that were sent to us every day by the official health authorities and the numerous media and the Internet. And in philosophical and psychological terms, did the pandemic manage to make humanity return to the original human values ​​- to discover how important family and love and care for others are? And what gives us strength in times of insecurity and isolation - is self-isolation a test of strength and resilience?

Of particular interest was the topic of whether distance learning coped with the crisis and whether we learned something more thanks to the forced stay at home. The tenth-grader Ivanina Ivanova, who dreams of devoting herself to journalism in the future, read her essay and challenged the other students to share their thoughts, opinions and reflections on the topic in short essays, with the best being awarded.

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