The Student Council is important for the life of the school community

The Student Council of PPMG "Acad. Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov" - Botevgrad held a final discussion on the network project "Let's ban student parliaments". The students expressed their opinion on the functioning and importance of student councils for expressing the opinion of the school community. Other issues raised in the discussion were how to advertise their activities in order to increase the authority and importance of the school board.

What opinions were written on the wall of the council: Pavel Dimitrov - Chairman of the Student Council - In my opinion, in a democratic country, the student parliament is an important part of building a civil society. Ivanina Ivanova - I also think that there should be a student parliament. Its existence is important for the school itself and especially for the students. We are the ones who can give publicity, organize something positive and take care of the school environment. I think that the efforts of each of us contribute to the good realization of our school! The students also got acquainted with the debate of the Student Parliament of the "Yordan Radichkov" High School in Vidin. "Should the student parliament function in the conditions of an emergency situation?" On this occasion, Kristina Stoyanova - Deputy Chairwoman wrote "I support the functioning of our student parliament. It is a platform that we can boldly use. Whether we are in school or not. Even more so now in moments like this, it's nice to have people supporting. This support can be found in the student parliament. We will all try to make every voice heard and respected. We should always have a stage for presenting our opinion and wishes and to freely exercise our rights. ”And Denitsa Nikolova summed up that there should be a student parliament, because who knows the problems of the students better than themselves !?

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