Child Safety, Prevention and Protection from Psychoactive Substance Abuse - Gymnasium "Bora Stankovic" Bor

Within the Student Parliament, Gymnasium Bora Stankovic in Bor, in cooperation with members of  the Parliament and other students of our school, a workshop was held on the topic: “Child safety, prevention and protection against psychoactive substance abuse”. The workshops were designed and realized by the third grade pupils of our school, who have previously received training on safety, necessary knowledge and skills on the topic of ill-treatment of psychoactive substances. Following these workshops and participating in them, through existing games, questions, comments, the pupils strengthened the existing and gained new knowledge on this topic. They also had fun and achieved positive communication and cooperation with the leaders, but also with each other. This is just one form of activity that shows that the role of the Student Parliament is particularly important in the school and that the interaction and positive communication with its members as well as with other pupils and young people is essential. It aims to connect, share experiences, know-how, get to know each other better, and come up with new ideas.


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