"Communication and situation" (Gymnasium "Bora Stanković" Bor)

Communication with other people is one of the sources of great pleasure and happiness, but sometimes it can be frustrating, provoke unpleasant emotions and reactions, lead to relationship breakdown, or addiction. Specific situations also lead to specific communication. It can be aggressive, passive and assertive. In the school itself, but also through the Student Parliament, it is very important to cultivate non-violent, assertive communication, which would mitigate, or even prevent the escalation of conflicts that can grow from verbal to physical.

The Student Parliament has one of the key roles in that, because it gathers students of different ages or classes, where there should be interaction, cooperation, understanding and work on the same or similar interests and goals. Through our online survey, students of our school and representatives of our parliament gave their opinions and solutions for certain specific situations, assessed the power of communication, both real and virtual, and sent messages in the spirit of assertive, positive communication that we must constantly work on - at school, in parliament. and in life...

Below is a link that leads to a survey with questions and some of the answers of our students.


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