The impact of a healthy diet on the body - School of Economics and Trade Vranje

The members of our Student Parliament are, in accordance with the conditions imposed by the current situation, i.e. in online cooking classes, with their professor, gastronomist Andrej Pavlović, prepared a presentation on the impact of healthy food on the body.

Our recommendation is also a healthy "Chaos salad", for which you can read the recipe here, and you can also prepare it.

You do not need to be overly skilled to make a delicious and healthy salad in the form of a meal. You can make this salad from the ingredients you have in the kitchen. It is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients needed for the salad:

2 handfuls of baby spinach

half a head of lettuce

spring onions, or you can put ramsons, if you have

150 gr. cooked chicken (chicken fillet)

2 boiled eggs

juice of one lemon

some olive oil

roasted sesame or any type of roasted seeds (optional)

a pinch salt (Himalayan pink if you have)

and as a decoration you can put a radish flower.


Boiled chicken and eggs cut into cubes, then add spinach, green salad cut into slices, spring onions (ramsons), olive oil, if necessary, lemon juice and mix everything lightly. Sprinkle with seeds on top.

Awaken the child in you and play and make some interesting decoration like our students.

Bon apetit.





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