SP of FLHS - Vidin emphasizes on the dangers associated with drugs

More and more kids are tempted to try different kinds of drugs from their friends with the pretext that nothing can happen from a single try. After that of course, the number of tries grows, while the efficiency lowers, which resorts to stronger and stronger substances. That’s how many dependences start from a very young age.

The fact that we are under quarantine because of the Coronavirus doesn’t stop that interest for drugs at all.

Because of that, the school parliament of FLHS “Yordan Radichkov” in Vidin is fighting with the problem in the project “Deadly candy”. We present you some posters that our students made these days and after our return in school we will hang them there.

With this initiative, we call upon our classmates not to be afraid of rejecting a offered drug and being different than others, we call upon everyone to join with whatever they can in the prevention of drugs and to help everyone in need, because the problem is growing and often, there are severe consequences.


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