The Student Parliament from Prokuplje presented the project and its work

The project team and members of the students' parliament at the Agricultural School "Rados Jovanovic Selja" from Prokuplje promoted the project "Region оф Youth Participation" on local television and their initial idea to work on the project on the protection of animals "Every Paw Needs a Home". Since the idea is not supported, this is a topic that we have addressed within the work of the parliament itself, because research shows that it is important for a student parliament to carry out activities that are of concern of all students. As a veterinary technician is one vocation in our schools, it is quite certain that the topic of animal protection and advocacy for the construction of asylum for abandoned animals is something that is of great importance to students, not only in Parliament but throughout the school.

While preparing for the interview, we remembered everything we learned from the training in Belogradchik and applied our knowledge. Check out our media appearance.

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