Ivo Andrić-writer, Nobel laureate, "painter" of the history of his country (Gymnasium "Bora Stanković" Bor)

"For the epic power with which he shaped the motives and destinies from the history of his country, Ivo Andrić received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1961". Before him, not a single man from our area received it. Great recognitions and significant literary opus did not change his character. He was measured, modest and did not speak much. You can read the attached text about his life and work, which was prepared by the Student Parliament of our school.

Hisar - Prokuplje

Originating at the foot of the mountains Jastrebac, Pasjača and Vidovača, at an altitude of about 300 meters, Prokuplje with its geographical position, archaeological discoveries in it and the surrounding area and preserved remains of monuments from the past, reveals the image of a long-established city. On the southwest side rises a picturesque hill called Hisar, around which the snake-like Toplica is wrapped and on which still stand the dilapidated remains of the ancient city.

Jug Bogdan

Vlatko Nemanjić, better known in epic folk poetry as Jug Bogdan, was a Serbian duke, prefect and prince from the middle of the 14th century. He is descended from the Nemanjić's, and his daughter Milica married Lazar Hrebeljanović around 1353. He was buried in the monastery Davidovci near Brodarevo, while according to the folk tradition from the song "The Death of the Mother of the Jugović", he died in the Battle of Kosovo in 1389.

Acad. Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov - patron of the Botevgrad high school

Botevgrad High School is proudly named on the famous scientist, public figure and publicist Asen Zlatarov
The high school in Botevgrad is a school with a long history and traditions, which is among the most elite in the municipality. In the academic year 2019/2020 it solemnly celebrated 135 years since the birth of his patron, whose name its graduates proudly bear.

Yordan Radichkov – a name we proudly wear (FLHS – Vidin)

Yordan Radichkov was born on the 24th, 1939 in Kalamanitsa, Montana. In 1947 he graduated high school in Berkovitsa. At night he worked as a correspondent and editor in the newspaper “Narodna mladej”, editor in the newspaper “Vecherni novini” and “Bulgarska kinematographia”, editor and a part of the editorial staff of the newspaper “Literaturen front”. Radichkov began to publish his own impressions, stories and sketches in 1949. In 1959 he released his first storybook “Sartseto bie za horata”.

"In the spirit of April 20, 1876" – PMPG Montana

The Students Parliament of PMPG Montana continues its work on the “Notable People and Events project” under the motto "April Epic Hero Month". We are introducing another of the great Bulgarians, for whom Konstantin Velichkov says: “The words are powerless to express praise for him, whatever he deserves. He belonged to the lineage of the few elect who make great events. "

Branko Miljkovic - famous poet of tragic destiny (Gymnasium "Bora Stankovic" Bor)

When talking about famous people in the field of literary creativity of the last century, it is necessary to touch on the character and works of one of the most famous Serbian and Yugoslav poets, essayists and translators Branko Miljkovic. Our Student Parliament has explored and extracted details concerning his short but very fruitful life and work. Attached is his last poignant song, written on the occasion of his 27th birthday.


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