"How to improve our memory by taking care of our health and mind?"

 "How to improve our memory by taking care of our health and mind?"

In the ongoing pandemic (situation), it is becoming more and more crucial to take into consideration our cognitive processes, for example our memory. The brain, as one of the most important and valuable organs of the human body, requires special care in order to function properly. It does not reach its full capacity by nature but by the effort we put in to achieve it. The proper function of the brain is also a way to a good memory.


"It's important to say thank you, but it's more important to feel grateful."

10.02.2022 On the occasion of the World Day of the Word "Thank you" in January, the ladies of the Student Council decided to celebrate it in a different way - an initiative on "Women in our history - Thank you!"

The prepared presentation was presented in the electronic diary of the high school and aroused great interest among the whole school community. The initiative aimed to express our gratitude to even a small part of those delicate flowers in our history, without whose courage, mercy and genius the world and Bulgaria would not be as we know them.

How to improve your memory by taking care of your health and mind?

In the ongoing pandemic situation, it is increasingly important to pay attention to cognitive processes, such as memory.

The brain, as one of the most important and significant organs in the human body, needs special care to perform its functions. Working at full capacity is not a given by nature, but depends on the efforts we make. The proper functioning of the brain is also a path to good memory.

Humanitarian action for Nadzu Mitic - Bela Palanka

30.12.2021 Students' Parliament Niketa Remezianski High School Bela Palanka traditionally organized a humanitarian action on New Year's Eve. The students of our school have once again shown creativity and humanity in the work and prepared New Year's greeting cards and decorations. A sales exhibition was organized on December 30, 2021. year in front of the Cultural Center in Belo Palanci, and this action was to raise funds for the treatment of our fellow citizen, twelve-year-old Naje Mitic, who suffers from a serious illness.

Information from the Student Parliament at the High School - Vidin

30.12.2022  During the period September-December 2021, members of the Student Parliament at the High School for Foreign Languages ​​"Yordan Radichkov" Vidin participated in the Third Meeting for 2021. of the Children's Council, as well as in the public event "The European guarantee for the child-reality for children in Bulgaria: the voice of young people".


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