Statistical data on people with disabilities in Romania

05.01.2022 The latest statistics of the National Authority for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Children and Adoptions (ANDPDCA) show that in our country there are over 861 thousand people with disabilities. Of these, 98% are in the care of families or live independently and only 2%, - 16,738 people are institutionalized.

The highest number of people with disabilities is registered in Bucharest (73,522 people) followed by Prahova county (37,909 people) and Argeş county  (32,227 people), and the smallest number is registered in Covasna county (6,442 pple). Women represent 53.34% (459,270) of the total number of people with disabilities. The number of people over the age of 50 represents 72.76% (571,327) of the total. 40.30% of all people have severe disabilities, 47.73% have medium disabilities and 11.97% have small disabilities.

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