Child Admission Center for Emergency Department – Constanta

Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 900341 ::: Constanta ::: District: Constanta
Street, No.:
Str. Alunis, nr. 4
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Mission or main objective/purpose :
Type of social service: Residential centers (accommodation centers) Other information concerning the social service:  The mission of the center is to provide support services for neglected, exploited or abused children. Within this center, children benefit from residential care for a specified period of time. The main objectives of the center are: Reintegration of children in the natural or widespread family; Provision of social services on a residential basis; Provision ofpsychological and social counseling for child and family; Formal and non-formal education services.  
Target group/s or clients :

Abused, neglected or exploited children from 03 to 18 years old from Constanta County.

30 places
Short description:
  • Services provided within the center:
  • accommodation and food;
  • educational services;
  • social assistance,
  • medical assistance;
  • social counseling and mediation;
  • preparation for an independent life.
  • Within the establishment, the services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of: psychologist (two persons), social worker, nurse, specialized educator (28 persons). Within the center there is also an administrative staff consisting of care workers and other auxiliary staff.
  • The center is licensed and works in accordance with the quality standards of the current legislation.
  • Capacity of the service: 30 places
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