Family-type Foster Care Center for Children with Disabilities - Drobeta - Turnu Severin

Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
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Mission or main objective/purpose :
Type of social service: Residential centers (accommodation centers) Other information concerning the social service:  The provision or assurance of access for children for a limited period of time with accommodation, care, education and training for the family and socio-professional reintegration / integration. The objectives of the Center are: promoting the right of the child to grow in his / her family environment, providing them with day care services, education, recreation, socialization, counseling, development of independent living skills, etc., and support for his/her family to exercise their parental rights; reducing the number of institutionalized children through the integration / reintegration of the child into the biological or extended family.
Target group/s or clients :

The beneficiaries of the service are children with disabilities, temporarily or permanently separated from their parents, as a result of the establishment, according to conditions provided by the law, of the foster care measure.

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Short description:

The center offers the following services:

  • accommodation, food and care for children with disabilities;
  • nursing and care;
  • an educational program appropriate to the age, needs, development potential, type and degree of disability, and the child's particularities;
  • ensure child safety;
  • informal and non-formal education of children with disabilities in order to assimilate knowledge and independent living skills;
  • a climate favorable to the development of the personality of children with disabilities;
  • Provides for children with disabilities, opportunities for leisure time, recreation and socialization that contribute to their cognitive, social and emotional physical development;
  • Complex recovery programs adapted to the individual needs of the child with specialists within the Recovery Day-Care Center.
  • contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the Personalized Intervention Program.
  • The center operates on the first floor of the Complex of Social Services for Children, with 10 bedrooms with 2 beds per bedroom, bathtub, sink, carpet, 1 insulator, 3 activity rooms, 1 hall, a bathroom , 1 office, a medical practice. The center does not own a kitchen, the food is prepared in the food block of the Complex, equipped with kitchen, dietetic kitchen, laundry room, food storage rooms, staff changing room. In the yard there is a playground equipped with swings, sand, green space, necessary for the organization of recreational activities.


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