Family-type accommodation center for children and youth without disabilities I - Veliko Tarnovo

Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo
Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 5000 ::: Veliko Tarnovo ::: District: Veliko Tarnovo
Street, No.:
14, Str. Tsvetarska, floor 2
Phone: 062/65 26 69 ::: Fax:
Mobile phone:
0885 545 645
Е-поща: ::: Web-site :
Mission or main objective/purpose :
Family Type accommodation Center for Children / Young People with Disabilities is a resident-type social service that provides a living environment close to the family of children deprived of parental care, helping them shape their future.
Target group/s or clients :

The users of the service are children from 3 to 18 years of age, who have no other option of and Return to the family of biological families, family and relatives or foster families until the moment they are admitted to the Center for Stay in.

Short description:


The service aims to ensure a quality of life that ensures the full physical, emotional and cognitive development and social inclusion of each child in their natural environment by offering individual care and support.
Offered services:

• Each child receives services that meet its needs and the long-term goals set out in the action plan;

• Health care;

• Education according to individual opportunities;

• Provides a safe and stimulating development environment;

• Psychological support;

• Vital skills for independent and independent living;

• Reflection of leisure time;

• Others

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