“St. Nicodim” Foster Care Center - Drobeta-Turnu Severin

Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
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Mission or main objective/purpose :
Type of social service - Residential centers (accommodation centers) Other information concerning the social service:  "Sf. Nicodim" Foster Care Center has as a mission to ensure the access of institutionalized children for a determined period to specialized services in order to increase the quality of their life and for the composition and development of their independent living skills, having as finalty the family and / or social integration / reintegration. The purpose of the center is to ensure the protection, upbringing and care of the children / young people, separated, temporarily or permanently, from their parents as a result of the establishment of the foster care measureunder the conditions of the Law no.272 / 2004 on the protection and promotion of the child's rights as subsequently amended and supplemented.  The overall objective of the center is to increase the quality of living conditions of institutionalized children in an environment as close to the family as possible.  
Target group/s or clients :

Beneficiaries are: children permanently or temporarily separated from their parents as a result of the foster care measure.

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Short description:

The Center functions as a residential-type service, without legal personality, under the subordination of the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection Mehedinti.

  • The center operates in a building with ground floor, one floor and an attic. Beneficiaries are accommodated in 4 modules: 2 modules are located on the ground floor and two on the first floor (each module consists of two rooms, a hall and a bathroom). The center also has: a grocery store, a guest room, a dining room, a laundry room. The attic has a library space and a multifunctional hall where various activities can be held.
  • Services provided:
  • accommodation for a specified period, until the termination of the foster care measure;
  • personal care - providea basic care: food, sleep, clothing, hygiene, etc .;
  • medical care provided by nurse;
  • education;
  • development of independent living skills;
  • oversight;
  •  psychological counseling;
  • emotional support;
  • providing a secure environment;
  • legal counseling;
  • maintenance of the relationships with the extended family and other important people for the child;
  • family and community reintegration;
  • socialization and cultural activities;
  • provision of a system for receiving, recording, solving complaints and reclamations about the services provided;
  • permanent collaboration with professionals, local government authorities and other services for the child and family in the community;
  • elaboration of the individualized protection plan for each child and its revision through the multidisciplinary team.
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