Center for Social Support of "SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria" - Veliko Tarnovo

SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria
Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 5000 ::: Veliko Tarnovo ::: District: Veliko Tarnovo
Street, No.:
4, Str. Dimitar Naydenov
Phone: 0879532892 ::: Fax:
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Mission or main objective/purpose :
Center for Social Support of the Association "SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria" is a complex of social services for children and families that has been operating since 2008 in partnership with the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo.
Target group/s or clients :

• children aged 0 to 18 at risk / children at risk of abandonment; children at risk of neglecting basic needs; children - victims of physical and emotional harassment; children at risk of dropping out or dropping out of school; children with behavioral problems /

• young people leaving institutions for raising children;

• single parents and families seeking support for their children;

• Candidates for foster parents and adoptive parents;

• foster parents and adopters;

• Professionals providing care for children.

Short description:

1. Psychological counseling and support of children and parents / individual and group, incl. group trainings / for:

• Developing communicative and social skills;

• restoring and improving relationships with the family;

• development of life skills;

• dealing with conflicting situations, improving peer relationships.

2. Individual pedagogical counseling for children who have difficulties at school;

3. Psychosocial and / or psychological support for parents:

• on issues related to raising their children and their specific needs;

• on issues related to improving the living conditions and ensuring a safe and secure environment for the development of the child;

• on issues related to the distribution of responsibilities in the family;

• on issues of prevention of domestic violence, prevention of emotional neglect;

• directing the family to use other services necessary for the child;

• psychosocial counseling during pregnancy and in the postpartum period of mothers in a risky situation.

4. Providing legal counseling opportunities.

5. Assisting families to access specialized medical services - support in finding the necessary medical care for needy children.

6. Supporting families to provide access to school and kindergarten.

7. Training of applicants for foster families and support of approved foster families with children.

8. Adoption services - training of prospective adoptive parents and support for families after adoption.

9. Mobile social work - active support on the spot of families from high-risk communities and in a situation of social exclusion.

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