Home for elderly people "Veneta Boteva" - Veliko Tarnovo

Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo
Type of structure :
Social service provided in a specialized institution
Postal code: 5000 ::: Veliko Tarnovo ::: District: Veliko Tarnovo
Street, No.:
3, Str. Ilarion Dragostinov
Phone: 062/ 67-04-87 ::: Fax:
Mobile phone:
Е-поща: dsh_vt@abv.bg ::: Web-site : dsh-vt.com
Mission or main objective/purpose :
Home for elderly "Veneta Boteva" is a specialized institution for providing social services outside the community with a hospital for lying patients. The goal of the service includes: Meeting the daily needs of consumers, 24 - hour medical surveillance, providing an atmosphere for overcoming the sense of isolation and abandonment, creating conditions for social contacts and opportunities for older people to feel inseparable part of society.
Target group/s or clients :

The users of the service are persons who have reached the age of eligibility for a retirement pension under the Social Insurance Code and which:

• They are unable to organize and satisfy their own living needs;

• Have a reduced working capacity (disability group) of over 71%, determined by expert advice of TEMP and the active treatment for them has been completed;

• There are no relatives to take care of them;

• They have relatives, but they have over 71% reduced working capacity;

• They have relatives but have reached retirement age under the Social Security Code;

• War veterans take advantage of accommodation.

Short description:

The services provided in the specialized institution are:

• provision of a living room with its own sanitary unit, hot water and seasonal heating of all inhabited premises, cable TV rooms, tea rooms with defined status and access time;

• provision of food and dining on a dining room in one shift;

• 24-hour medical surveillance and rehabilitation;

• transport to and from a hospital, polyclinic and other medical-diagnostic facilities with a vehicle owned by the institution;

• social rehabilitation;

• individual psychological counseling and group psychotherapy;

• Occupational therapy;

• providing books, magazines and newspapers from the library's home fund;

• barber-hairdressing services;

• sewing services;

• washing and ironing of personal and postal underwear;

• self-help

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