Day centre for children and adults with disabilities "Zornitsa" - Vratsa

Municipality of Vratsa
Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 3000 ::: Vratsa ::: District: Vratsa
Street, No.:
Senitche quarter
Phone: 092/ 64 60 44 ::: Fax:
Mobile phone:
0879 06 87 17
Е-поща: ::: Web-site :
Mission or main objective/purpose :
The "Day Center", under the Social Assistance Act, is a complex of social services that create conditions for overall day-to-day consumer services related to providing food, meeting daily, health, education and rehabilitation needs as well as organizational needs Leisure and personal contacts.
Target group/s or clients :

Children and adults with disabilities

Short description:

It has good facilities - the building is renovated, there is an external lift and a wheelchair ramp.

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