Protected residence for people with mental disabilities type 1 and 2 - Dobrich

Municipality of Dobrich
Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 9300 ::: Dobrich ::: District: Dobrich
Street, No.:
37 Str Suha reka
Phone: +35958 600 379 ::: Fax: +35958 600 379
Mobile phone:
0889 171 755
Е-поща: ::: Web-site :
Mission or main objective/purpose :
Creating conditions for assistance, mutual assistance, effective protection and social integration of mentally retarded people. Making activities to achieve social inclusion and recovery of lost social skills and habits.
Target group/s or clients :

Adult women with mild and moderate mental disabilities.

1 type – 8; 2 type - 6
Short description:

Protecting housing is a community service of resident type.

Building stock - 500sq.m. with green areas. The housing is situated on the second floor in the southern building. It consists of seven bedrooms with two beds, a kitchen unit, a dining room, a room for occupational therapy, two WCs, a bathroom, a laundry room; A medical cabinet and a cabinet-worker. The workers / premises also benefit from the two shelters.

Heating - local. The bedrooms and the dining room are equipped with air conditioning.

The HR team works for:

- Building social skills and working habits;

- Restoring habits to learn new knowledge;

- Forming skills for self-organization of leisure time;

- Building a supportive environment;

- Creating prerequisites for an independent and fulfilling life.

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