Temporary accommodation center - Silistra

Municipality of Silistra
Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 7500 ::: Silistra ::: District: Silistra
Street, No.:
1 a, Str. Bogdan Voyvoda
Phone: 086/ 821 583 ::: Fax:
Mobile phone:
Е-поща: cvn.silistra@abv.bg ::: Web-site :
Mission or main objective/purpose :
The service is short-term and is intended for persons temporarily or permanently deprived of a home.
Target group/s or clients :

for persons temporarily or permanently deprived of a home

Short description:

The center was opened in October 2012 with a capacity of 10 seats. Located in the wing of a former nursery. The building is municipal property and is located in a lively residential area near a kindergarten, a school, a home social patronage and retail outlets. For the needs of the social service there are 3 bedrooms, dining room, storage, 2 bathrooms and office. The activities provided in the Center are medical, social and domestic servicing of homeless people, temporary shelter, favorable living and social environment, assistance in finding a job or registering in the Labor Office Directorate, issuing an identity card (if necessary), inclusion in the Public Canteen, assistance with finding a GP and any subsequent reviews and prevention. Assistance is provided to needy users in the preparation of documents necessary for appearing before TEMC or before NEMC for retirement. Users are accepted after an order has been issued by the Director of the Social Assistance Directorate.

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