Foster care - Silistra

Municipality of Silistra
Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 7500 ::: Silistra ::: District: Silistra
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33, Str. Simeon Veliki
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Mission or main objective/purpose :
"Foster care" is a social service in the community that provides care and education in a family environment to a child placed in a family of relatives and relatives or in a foster family. Foster Care includes recruitment and appraisal of foster family candidates, training, mutual adaptation, placement and rearing of children at risk, support and monitoring.
Target group/s or clients :

The main target groups of the foster care social service are:

• Children who are victims of violence and abuse;

• Children to be adopted;

• Children placed in specialized institutions;

• Newborn babies unable to be raised by their parents;

Priority groups of children for foster families:

• Children up to 3 years of age;

• Disabled children;

• Children, victims of violence and trafficking;

• Children, unaccompanied refugees;

• Children who have been subjected to a Police Protection measure after the expiration of their term;

• Children under substitute foster care;

• Children with behavioral problems.

Short description:

The foster care as a social service on the territory of Silistra municipality is developing since 2010, when the first application was made in the CPD in the CPD - Silistra from the candidate-foster parent. In January 2011, the first child was placed in a foster family.


In 2011, the project "I Have a Family", run by the ASA, was launched to support the development of foster care. Silistra Municipality is a partner of the Agency and, as a provider of Foster Care, provides the service from May 2012 until December 2015. Since January 2016, Silistra has been providing the social service "Foster Care" as a partner of the ASA under the "Accept 2015" project.

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