Day Centre for children with disabilities - Pleven

Municipality of Pleven
Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 5800 ::: Pleven ::: District: Pleven
Street, No.:
55 str. Tsar Samuil
Phone: 064/821092 ::: Fax:
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Mission or main objective/purpose :
Beneficiaries of the Day Care Center for children with disabilities can be children aged 3-18 with permanent physical and intellectual disabilities resulting from various diseases - Down syndrome, CCP, epilepsy, blind, with varying degrees of intellectual disability, legacy, motor dysplasia , Spinal muscular atrophy, etc., living in the territory of Pleven Municipality and their families.
Target group/s or clients :

Children with disabilities between 3 – 18 aged.

Short description:

Essence of the service provided

       "Day Care Center", in accordance with the Social Assistance Act, is a complex of social services that create conditions for overall day-to-day servicing of food, satisfaction of daily health and rehabilitation needs, and the need to organize free Time and personal contacts.

          When delivering the social service, the principles of:


  • willingness to use the social service
  • Respect and respect of the child's personality
  • respecting the child's right of opinion
  • work in the best interests of the child

                                            Objectives of the service

Establishment of appropriate conditions for the full-time residence of disabled children. Providing care to meet individual needs - health, rehabilitation, creative, cultural, recreational needs.

Creating opportunities for maximum development of the individual physical, mental and tutoring abilities of children and their potential.

Creating opportunities for a meaningful life and integration into the society of children and their families.


  • Complete childcare during the day.
  • Logopedic activity.
  • Psychological activity.
  • Rehabilitation activity.
  • Organization of leisure and personal contacts.
  • Organized transport.
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