Recovery and Day-Care Center for Children with Special Needs - Complex of Services for Child and Family - Videle

Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 0 ::: Videle ::: District: Teleorman
Street, No.:
Str. Intrarea Spitalului, nr. 38
Phone: 0247.31.6611 ::: Fax: 0242. 345. 711
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Mission or main objective/purpose :
Type of social service: day-care centers (centers without accommodation) Other information concerning the social service: The Purpose of the Social Service “Recovery and Day-Care Center for Children with Special Needs – Videle”is to inform and raise awareness of the community regarding the issue of the childwith special needs; active collaboration and counseling of the families of children enrolled in the center's program; ACTIVITIES IMPLEMENTED evaluation and establishment activities of the recuperation program; educational activities - non-formal education; recreational and social activities; child protection against abuse; counseling activities for children included in the Center's program and for their parents; collaborative activities with professionals and relevant institutions; administration and management.  
Target group/s or clients :
  • children with neuro-psychomotor deficiencies, from 0 to 18 years old, from families and their parents, who are provided with services to prevent their separation and who have their residence in Videle and its surroundings;
  • children with neuro-psychomotor deficiencies in foster care;
  • children with neuro-psychomotor deficiencies who have benefited from a special protection measure and have been reintegrated into the family.
15 beneficiaries
Short description:

The multidisciplinary team offering social services is made up of the following types of specialists:

  • Physical therapist, 1 person, full-time employment;
  • Psychologist, 1 person, full-time employment;
  • Nurse, 1 person, full-time employment.
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