Tom Sawyer Center for Social Support - Ruse

Ruse Catholic Organization Caritas
Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 7000 ::: Ruse ::: District: Ruse
Street, No.:
3, Str. Bogdan Voyvoda
Phone: 0884 353 455 ::: Fax:
Mobile phone:
Е-поща: ::: Web-site :
Mission or main objective/purpose :
The Center offers a wide range of social services to support children and families. Priority in the activities of the service is also the work at the community level - conducting of information, prevention campaigns and programs, development of practices and activities in the field of social work with children.
Target group/s or clients :

children at risk from 0 to 18 years of age who are:
- Victims of abuse, violence, exploitation or any other inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in / or family, including children threatened by trafficking or trafficking;
- Children who are at risk of harming their physical, mental, moral, intellectual and social development;
- The families of the groups of children listed;
- Children in specialized institutions or residential-type services;
- Pregnant women, parents / legal representatives of a child at risk for whom the Unit for Protection of Children has estimated that they need specific support or assistance.

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