Center for Social Support - Vidin

Foundation Unique Children of Vidin
Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 3700 ::: Vidin ::: District: Vidin
Street, No.:
32, Str. Knyaz Boris I
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Mission or main objective/purpose :
The provision of social services for children and the functioning of the PUBLIC SUPPORT CENTER aims at: - To increase the well-being of children in risk groups; - To protect the best interests of the child; - To promote the social integration of children; - Improve their social skills; - To support parents in coping with children's problems. Through the operation of a Public Support Center, it helps to integrate endangered groups into society as a whole. The activities provided in the center allow children to receive educational support to their individual needs, to come into contact with people other than the environment in which they live. To acquire new knowledge and skills and new self-esteem based on the learning and the ability to share their experiences.
Target group/s or clients :

- children at risk in school age (7-18 years):
- those who have no parents or have remained permanently without their care;
- who are victims of abuse, abuse, exploitation or any other inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment within or outside their family;
- for whom there is a danger of harm to physical, psychological, moral, intellectual and social development;
- with deviant behavior;
- children at risk of dropping out of school or dropping out of school;
- children who are preparing to leave specialized institutions.

Short description:

The service is made up of different components that can be applied together, consecutively or separately, depending on the needs identified by the assessment for support of the child and its parents. This is a flexible set of activities and programs for direct work with children and parents:
- Pedagogical and psychological counseling and psychopedagogical support for the child;
- Social skills programs;
- Programs to prevent deviant behavior;
- Parenting services to provide pedagogical, psychological and legal assistance related to raising, educating and educating children;
- Facilitating the relationship between children and parents and dealing with conflicts and crises in their relationships.
- Group and individual work with children (educational support). The activities in this area are related to the coverage of educational deficits in children. Children are trained by pedagogues who have experience in working with children with learning disabilities and children-bilinguals. Interactive working methods are used that allow the child to be not just a subject of knowledge but actively involved in the entire learning process. The model of work includes, besides completing educational deficits, organizing various activities related to the motivation of children to go to school;
- Counseling and counseling; They concern both children and their parents. The counseling is related to solving the personal and social problems of the counselor (emotional, communicative, adaptation, learning difficulties, etc.);
- Programs for accompanying the child. Includes a set of activities that are informal out-of-school and extracurricular activities. The purpose of the escort program is to help the child in the process of coping with the difficulties. This is support that both children get at risk of dropping out of school and those who have already dropped out. It works above all about the motivation and the desire of the child to study. Adults are not individual subjects, and educators who study together with the child look for the difficult answers together. Here are also included various sports, cultural and educational activities that help the child to understand his / her leisure time, to cope with learning difficulties, to experience the opportunity to participate actively in various forms of social life, to gain new positive social experience.

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