Day Care Center for children with disabilities - Vidin

Municipality of Vidin
Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 3700 ::: Vidin ::: District: Vidin
Street, No.:
1, Str. Bononia
Phone: 094/ 601-677 ::: Fax:
Mobile phone:
Е-поща: ::: Web-site :
Mission or main objective/purpose :
- Establishment of appropriate conditions for weekly residence of children, provision of care for the satisfaction of their individual needs - health, education, rehabilitation, recreational needs, creative, cultural, etc. activities. - Creating opportunities to maximize the individual physical, mental and creative abilities of children and their potential. - Creating opportunities for meaningful life and integration in the society of children with disabilities, chronic diseases and their families.Preventing children from entering the street and dropping out of school, social rehabilitation and integration of children living permanently or partially on the street through individual work with the child and his / her family, family counseling and support, medical and sanitation services, literacy for children , training in parenting skills, etc.
Target group/s or clients :

Users of the service are children with disabilities aged 0 to 18 years old from Vidin and the region. The center includes children in a family environment who require daily specialized care with the following diseases: physical disabilities, mental disabilities, sensory impairments, chronic and recurrent respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases. The users of the service are children with TEMP, LVC and detailed written stage epicrisis.

Short description:

- Day Care Group;
- Hourly kinesitherapy, rehabilitation and physiotherapy;
- The Center provides advice to parents of disabled children about the activity and the possibility of providing social services. Familiarizes them with the Internal Regulations;
- Interact with parents and assist them in drafting the documents;
- Provides parents with information and organizes their meetings with the various specialists taking care of children with disabilities;
- The center offers physical prophylaxis, therapy and rehabilitation in childhood;
- An individualized physiotherapeutic program is being prepared, a therapeutic purpose and specific tasks are set up;
- Specialized psychological assistance: conducting observations on the behavior of the child; exploring and gaining time; conducting psychological tests depending on the age of the child; attention study, concentration, thinking, intelligence tests depending on the age of the child; determining the temperament and character of the child; drawing methodologies; determination of appropriate psychotherapy for the child / setting of purpose and duration /; giving instructions and guidelines for work in a family environment; meetings with parents, familiarization with methods of working with the child, clarification of accessible language for the child's problem;
- Specialized medical care: care / feeding, bathing, childcare / support, inhalation, manipulation, maintenance treatment with medication;
- Basic methods of social work: social interview; social counseling; mediation; task-oriented work; interactive method.
- Methods and means of kinesitherapy: Reflector kinesitherapy / reflective movement by Voita /; passive / curative massage, stretching, electrostimulation /; active healing gymnastics / working with appliances, appliances, training in everyday activities /;
- mechanotherapy (positional therapy).

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